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3M Colorquartz™
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KNH Industrial Coatings incorporates 3 major coating products; Supersealer™, Vortex™ and Granitex™ that are backed by over 53 years of chemical engineering. These products are used for coating interior and exterior surfaces, including concrete, wood, fiberglass, tile and metal. They have been designed for safety and durability in residential, commerical and industrial applications. They are proven to be up to 20-times stronger than 2 part epoxy systems.

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They are applied individually or in conjunction to create a durable, attractive and high-impact surface. When combined with either the decorative flake or 3M Colorquartz™ flooring systems you can achieve the attractive custom surface you desire.

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2-part thermal expanding resin/bonding agent

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Seamless Industrial Spray-On Liner

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2-part polyurea/aliphatic urethane system

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